Our Process

We keep it simple. We start with ideation, strategy, and execution. All while working closely with you.

This is a detailed overview of what you can expect when working with us. We'll never move a step forward in the process without your approval because we're in this together!

01. Discovery

We start by listening and learning. No one knows your business better than you. We soak up as much information as we can and work together to clearly define the project details, estimate a timeline, and discuss your investment. Once we agree on the terms, proposals are signed, and a deposit is made we can move forward.

02. Research

We continue with research into your businesses industry and market. With a clear and focused understanding of who you are and your key competitors we develop our strategic approach.

03. Strategy

Without a strong underlying strategy even the best creative won't work for your business. The key component to a good strategy is understanding your market. We develop brand messaging, create customer journeys, customer profiles, and refine high touch points that could use some improvement. All of this to drive tangible results for your business.

04. develop

After the strategy is approved we head into development. The creative assets are based on your selected mood board. You'll receive an in-depth concept presentation where we'll discuss the creative. During this step it's imperative that you provide honest and detailed feedback as any additional work created outside of the scope of work could result in an hourly rate.

05. refine

During this phase we'll take your valued feedback and refine the assets that have been created, keeping in mind that revisions are limited and agreed upon during the discovery phase. Once the design is approved, the revisions have been made, and all assets are created we'll ensure that the final files are correctly formatted and prepped for deployment.

06. deploy

After we’ve completed the final round of revisions, we'll wrap up any loose ends, and deliver the assets. You will be billed for the remaining balance and as soon as the final payment is received we’ll send you a link where you can access all your final files. With your project completed, we head to the nearest Pow Wow to celebrate!

Does That sound good to you?

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